Things To Practice To Become Successful

Things successful people do to keep their days productive

and businesses successful.

Successful people have their habitual life right. It is not that they don’t make mistakes, don’t make a wrong decision or fail at something, but they treat all as a learning process. But there are a few things they definitely learned to do and also avoid doing. And here is the list from my observation:


  • They have learned to take responsibility for their actions and outcomes.

They never waste time feeling sorry for themselves. They never feel sorry for their circumstances or dwelling on the way they’ve been mistreated.

  • They invest the majority of their energy in creating an optimal present for a successful future.

They don’t dwell on the past as the past is in the past, can’t be changed or modified. They know only present decisions and actions are important to have a better future.

  • They understand they are in control of their actions and emotions. 

They don’t let people make them feel inferior or bad. And they don’t give away their peace.

  • They embrace change and they welcome challenges.

They see challenges as opportunities to learn something new, change as an inevitable part of any success. They never opt out.

  • They know: If you can’t control it, accept it. 

If it’s a weather or political situation, they don’t waste time and energy on things out of their control. They don’t complain or whine.

  • They never worry about pleasing everyone.

They understand there is a possibility that someone on the way will get upset or dislike them or situation.

  • They are willing to take calculated risks.

They don’t fear to take calculated risks. They weigh the risks and understand the benefits before taking action.

  • They don’t make the same mistakes.

They know that doing the same things over and over but expecting different results is insane.

  • They acknowledge and embrace other people’s success. 

They don’t resent other people’s success, they understand the value of their own unique brand.

  • They enter the world knowing their goals. 

They don’t go round thinking the world owes them, they work hard on their merits to succeed. Happiness is a decision, not a destination.

  • They don’t expect immediate results. 

They know they are there for the long haul. Quality over quantity.

  • They never ever give up after failure.

They gather that every failure is a chance to improve and make a better choice next time. You fail only until you’ve learned the lesson. No failure = No success!


“Be true to yourself and success will follow”




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Mastermind to Create Your Future

Learn how to mastermind your mindset to have control over your life.

Want to move forward in your life but with old habits? With your old mindset? You are not going anywhere. You are wasting your time. Unless you are ready to suspend old beliefs and master your mind, unless you get your ego under control before it controls you, things will never change!


Mastermind is coordination of knowledge and effort in a spirit of harmony.

No individual can achieve great results without availing himself of the mastermind, or a group of master minds.

I had it all wrong and for long. I, for many years, maybe decades or maybe for my whole life, I thought I do not need anybody else, that I and my mind are enough. I thought I can work things out all by myself. And as much as I wasn’t far from the truth, because yes, you can achieve great results and all alone, being in alliance with more like-minded people and with masterminding you can define your higher purpose to achieve your goals and dreams much much faster.

I couldn’t be more wrong. You get more energy from two batteries than one, or something doesn’t even work with one battery only, it simply won’t connect. Not long ago I realised that to gain the power to get my life under control I need to surround myself with an alliance of friendly like-minded people and associate in a sympathy and harmony. Only that way I can change my life. I can start defying my true purpose and be a part of a bigger better deal. It takes dedication, though, commitment and everyday mindset work, it takes

“READ, THINK, MASTER YOUR MIND” formula. And the visualisation especially.


I believe anyone can whip off poverty, illiteracy or ignorance, if only willing to ally with great minds and commit to working on your mindset.

It scared the hell out of me at first when I realised in what deficit and how uncomfortable I lived up until then and how much work it needed to be done on my mindset by masterminding. But it felt great and exciting at the same time as I was ready for my new life and career, for whatever was coming next. I was ready to start a new journey of my life.

Courage is to leave something that makes you uncomfortable for something completely new and exciting.

You will never be able to tell whether you’re making the right decision until the right moment comes and just affirms it. And now was the time to move on and take my life to the next level. It feels great to be surrounded by a community of people that understand me and try to genuinely help me. It also took me a while to understand and appreciate these people for their visions, hard work and total dedication. It was the beginning of something amazing for me for which I am truly grateful.

I am happy to call them my MENTORS, my FREEDOM mentors, as it is all down to freedom.

If I was going to do it, this is the time!!!

If you are going to do it, it is the right time NOW too. Unless you have time to waste your time.

I didn’t have time to waste anymore and I don’t have it now either.

You have one life only, so pay attention!



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Online Entrepreneur Ideas You Can Start Today

Looking for online entrepreneur ideas to start your

own Online Business as soon as TODAY?


Or maybe you have some online business ideas already but can’t choose a business platform from all the overwhelming information you find on the internet nowadays?

I am a single mum to three children and having flexibility in work and freedom of place is very important to me. I’ve always dreamed of having my own online business and work on my own terms. A life where I can work the hours I choose and make money online doing what I love and from anywhere in the world. But I didn’t know how to, realistically, get the ball rolling to break free.

laptoprt_1384x761 (2)

Until one day I came across the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) and Digital Experts Academy (DEA) founders Jay and Stuart. These two young tenacious men have proved themselves by creating multiple million dollar digital businesses from scratch by having a vision on precise business goal.

Before I started my online adventure, and it was an adventure to start with, being disorientated as I had only a little previous online experience, I did have some business vision and ideas, though.


Freedom, freedom of time, place and money.

I’d heard a lot of talk about how easy it is to make lots of money online, but my questions were:

  • Is it really that easy and if so, why everyone isn’t doing it?
  • What’s the line that separates success from empty promises? Real success from illusion and disappointments?
  • Where is the best place to start once I see an avalanche of overwhelming information with training courses?


It was only natural for me to ally with the SFM and sign up for their business educational business platform. The goals and driving passion of the SFM is now empowering other individuals with the confidence that comes from having the right know-how. Now they teach millions of people like myself how to build their online businesses by their own design. They also created a refreshing and friendly community of like-minded people from all over the globe who are happy to lend a hand or share how they overcame challenges. Here you’ll find a culture of individuals giving each other support instead of the mercenary attitude you typically find in the competitive business world.

Now let me invite you to watch a presentation recorded live in New York where Stuart explains the specific critical steps to create an online business; the knowledge needed to put these steps into effective motion; and an overview of the money producing actions that deliver results and see how this can give online business ideas for anyone.

Free 30-Day access to a wealth of insights and training materials so you can experience for yourself.

It is not just about the money.

It’s about the lifestyle of earning more, working less and enjoying life.



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Investing in Yourself Will Change Your Life

Change your story to change your life! 

Investing in yourself is a smart way to attain a better future.

In the past I had been employed for an international corporation for a fair amount of time. Often working long hours, not just 9-5, coming to the office early already stressed out knowing the day will be long and tiring, hoping not to meet some individuals or to avoid any kind of unpleasant situations. Receiving nuisance assignments and tasks to execute by those who were there to boost their own egos rather than really work as a team and try to bring the best out of people without leaving them exhausted after a race. Soon I realised it was not the kind of investment I wanna do, worth my time and certainly, not my future.

Working and working, long hours, long stressful days, no satisfactions, no joy, no results. On top I didn’t feel I am actually learning anything new, improving or developing personally. That it makes any sense all this endless copy/pasting. I had no time to myself, never enough time to spend with my children and mainly, no money!

I had NO MONEY, NO TIME and deteriorating health already.

And then I read what every smart people says:

“If you do the same things over and over it is insane to expect different results”

Surely, that did make sense. And what was I doing? Same thing over and over for years. Getting up early, chasing some money to pay bills, and felt like being chased. Looking forward to some “quick fixes”, some people call them holidays, that feel more more like stress to me than time to relax.

I didn’t want to live like this forever. I couldn’t allow myself to spend my life living a life that is not really living but surviving another day and then another. Life, that is far from my real desires and how I imagined it should be. I deserved better. And when I felt sick one day at work for being totally burned out I realised things have to change it, that time was up. Or I’d change it now or else.

I started looking into that “else” options. For something that I could do from home and have time to be a normal “mamma” too. For online business opportunities. My priorities were: to build my own business from home, to be my own boss, to have more time, money and freedom. I knew I’d have to start investing in myself, start real investing into a better future that will bring me satisfaction and securities I never found in any employment. I wanted to start doing what I really loved and that would never feel like I’m working really.

There has never been a better time like now to start an online business. You can find excellent online courses and training that will enable you to set your own website for dirt cheap with simple online instruction and opportunities to affiliate with any businesses already available.

So I went for it. I started learning new digital skills with The Six Figure Mentors, a globally known company that helped thousands of students become successful and helped many businesses expand online and make their fortune. I understand that once you start surfing an internet the information and offers can be overwhelming, almost impossible to choose the right one that suits your needs. But I found my answers in the SFM. They offer all online services under one roof and the company’s community of like-minded people provides a great support too not only regarding business, but mainly on a human level.


And here I go. Now, when I meet my friends they tell me how relaxed I look. My reactions is, well, I don’t need to spend my precious day in an air-con office breathing same air with 500 other people, being constantly chased and reminded how “just an ordinary human I am rather than a superhuman that they expect, that my feelings or emotions at work space are not appropriate or appreciated, or that I dared to make a copy/paste mistake again.

I love what I do now and whatever I do is on my own terms and with my own pace. No deadlines, no stress, no fake or false praises, but pure freedom, love, passion, compassion, dedication, self-development and mainly sense.

If you think that you deserve better, if you find there has got to be a better way, why don’t you try the business modules on how to start your own profitable online business that the SFM provides and start living a life you always wanted.

Here you can find a link to their Free 7-day video series trial. Yes, it is free, no commitment, no financial obligation, no pressure. And see if they can help you with a set up on your path or accelerate your journey as they helped me and continue to provide me a support and further training.

Real investing in yourself to have a better future makes sense. My future matters, but so does YOURS!!! And so does investing in yourself to change your life.



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Freedom with Laptop Lifestyle


In the world where everybody has got a laptop and almost everywhere you go you find an internet connection, living a laptop lifestyle would seem like an obvious choice, right?

Why wouldn’t anyone want to have

Freedom with Laptop Lifestyle?

Freedom with Laptop Lifestyle

Almost everybody is computer literate or if not really, there are online courses now for less than a dime to learn and get set up. But for many people is the fear that holds them back.

Fear of being free and  independent. Knowing that FREEDOM carries huge amount of responsibility. They rather sacrifice their day to commuting to work and sitting in the traffic, mindless meetings often discussing not a lot, countless coffee breaks, hours gossiping with their colleagues and generally not producing much apart from excuses for being late and inventing more excuses for eligible sick days. However, people still hold on to jobs that they hate for years. And instead of working out what would they really like to do, they only keep changing one employer for another, doing again the same, just under different roof and maybe a few extra bugs. Frankly, they have years of experience of doing next to nothing, or having a passive existence.

Could it be the fear of not knowing where and how to start on your own the key?

Sincerely, I had this question myself. What am I good at? I thought I was good at nothing. Or just being hardly average at anything. I thought one needs to be an expert to start his/her own business for others want to buy from them or trade with them. Probably yes, but often we underestimate our qualities and talents. We should stop putting ourselves constantly down. Having had a few employers I know what damage bad managements can do to people, what bad tactics they use to keep people at bay and in control and it is something that will stay coded in our confidence and esteem unless we work on our mindset.

Before I went solo as an entrepreneur I did a lot of work on myself, on my mindset, trying to recognise what habits I needed to change, what new habits to acquire and what to try delete altogether in order to improve myself and manage all the hurdles as a newcomer. And once I started working on it, I started noticing a change. New ideas and possibilities started unfolding in front of me and fear, every kind of fear, was being replaced with new opportunities. It was then when I re-discovered my likes and passions. It was only then when I started noticing opportunities rather than see problems and every difficulty was rather a challenge. Combined with finding perfect online training platforms and courses gave me a perfect idea on how to start my business venture.


And it is when I started living my real Freedom with LAPTOP LIFESTYLE. Perfect name for my ideal kind of job. Working in freedom of time and place. No need for an office, no need for any colleagues, no need for a boss, no need to wait for allocated holiday, no need to wait for my pay day. My colleagues I call the people I choose to cooperate with me, my mentors and team of support that I choose. Boss? Who’s the boss? I am!, I am my own boss. And because I love myself, so I will treat myself nice, I promise :-D. Holidays? Well, do I need to wait for someone to approve it for me or still feel guilty for leaving a mass of workload for my colleagues to cover? Hell no. And pay? Since my job is a commission based and all automatic, system working 24/7/365, I get paid anytime, sometimes at night while asleep and not just a minimum pay for maximum effort.

Yes, Freedom with Laptop Lifestyle is my answer, perfectly fitting with my idea of my lifestyle. Giving me FREEDOM of self-expression, creation, place of work, financial freedom, and just simply FREEDOM.


Would you like to find out how you can start your Laptop Lifestyle and how my mentors, their team, their business modules and courses can set you off?

Feel free to sign up for your FREE 7-day video series trial on how to start your ONLINE BUSINESS TODAY and see if this program could help you accelerate your journey towards your online entrepreneurship as it did mine.



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Worried What Other People Think of You?

You are wasting your time!


Worrying about what other people think of you and about their judgement will stop you from achieving your goals and dreams.

vharr a

Many people can not live their own lives because they are worried what other people might think of them. They permit relatives, friends and public to influence them so much, that it will not allow them to live truly freely.

People make mistake with choosing a wrong partner or wrong career and go through life miserable and unhappy worried what other people think of them which might follow if they try to correct the mistake. They rather live their lives in the name of “duty” that relatives or society imply up on them, than try to change the course and direction to live happy and fulfilled life pursuing their own dreams and desires.

Anyone who has ever experienced fear of criticism, worried what other people think, knows the damage it does, how it kills ambitions, desire to achieve and live in freedom of mind. People don’t take the chances with new business opportunities, they don’t set their goal too high because of fear of criticism especially from relatives and friends. Anyone who has been there, has done it, knows what it took him to overpass it. How much time they have wasted and how much effort it took to finally make a decision and free themselves.


(Napoleon Hill)

I remember when I was about to leave my husband of almost 15 years, going away to live with our three young kids. Different country, different lifestyle, new job, different everything, with no one to turn to. My family was so unsupportive of my decision, they almost disowned me. Vain were my cries for help or support.

“You can’t do it, you got married in church, you should be happy having a roof over your head, you are taking kids away from their familiar environment, what about your husband, he is a good man, you are the crazy one, never happy, it is all your fault your marriage is falling apart”… gosh, I heard it all.

But despite their useless talks and opinions that I wasn’t interested in or took them in consideration, I did it my way anyway. I pursued my dreams and ambitions to provide a better future for me and my three children. To give us all better chances.

I could have stayed and continue playing a happy family, devoted wife, or more like a martyr, keeping everyone around me happy, I could have stayed and live in merciful lie. No shames, no criticism, no high eyebrows, no hardship of being totally alone to my destiny.

But who would benefit from it? My family? Any of my relatives at all??? My friends? They have their own lives to live and pretend, their own lies and conscience to take care of.

Nobody. Nobody would benefit from it let alone me myself. And certainly my beautiful children wish and deserve to see their mother happy and smiling rather than constantly pissed off and stressed.

I had to overcome the fear of criticism fast or stay put. And I wasn’t going to stay put in my comfortable zone which was rather very uncomfortable. And once doing it felt so liberating, empowering and great. So hard too, but very rewarding. The journey I decided to take taught me a lot about myself and my capacities, showed me my true self and also the true face of my relatives and friends.

You don’t know your family and friends till you need a help or support, you don’t know them till you start your own business. And I chose to truly know them and leave the worry about what other people think aside. I chose real FREEDOM, surrounded by like-minded people who help me on my journey of self-development and entrepreneurship. And I believe that’s the way to be, if you wanna be free, you need to real you!







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You’ll Never Taste a Real FREEDOM by Playing Safe

Playing safe will not make you achieve your life goals.

Real freedom is achievable when you are ready to take risks.


For many people playing safe is the way to live their life. It makes the only sense for survival. Yes, the survival, but good for what really? Maybe for those who want to tiptoe through life and hope to get safely to their grave without being badly bruised. Live longest possible, but not truly living. Often they are only doing what they have been told to do and taught is the best for them. It is what majority want them to do to justify their own decisions to stay low key and play safe, who want you to give up on your dreams just because they gave up on theirs.

But for those who want to live your life to your full potential, achieve their life goals, live a happy and fulfilled life, playing safe is hardly an option. They are big dreamers who are prepared to take risks in order to get what they want. Life is abundant, the opportunities are endless and not even sky is the limit.

But what is really the best for you?
What is it that you really want?
That your heart desires?
What are your wildest dreams?

The moment you stop faking and pretending will be the moment you can start truly living your life. When you open your eyes wide and stop being scared to face the truth, you might realise that many things are different from what you have believed until now. That you might have been fooled.

We see what we want to see. We can be conditioned by our environments, but at the end of the day the final decisions are up to us and the choices we make are our own responsibility.

People who are easily influenced by the opinions of other will have no desires of their own. Close relatives and our immediate environments often handicap us through their opinions which can cause inferiority complexes caused by demeaning us or ridiculing our attitudes. And can cause a loss of confidence.

But you have your own mind and brain, USE IT.  Make your own choice, reach your own decisions. Each and one of us journey’s is different. It never matters what your parents wanted you to be, or what your teachers thought of you, or what your friends are doing or thought you should be doing too.

Great decisions and great results are usually reached by assuming great risks,
not by playing safe and small.

 If you continue playing safe and don’t take risks, you will always work for someone who does. If you continue playing safe and never have a courage to go after your dreams, someone else will hire you to chase theirs..

Playing safe might sound like a good idea, but is it really??? You’ll never taste a real FREEDOM by playing safe.

Stanislava Hale


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Responsibility For Freedom of Choice

Everybody wants to be free, have more freedom of choice and freedom to make their own decisions.


But not everyone realises that the moment you make a decision, the only accountable and responsible for it is YOU! All responsibility for freedom of choice is on you. And therefore not everyone is ready to take upon such responsibility.

Freedom is a privilege. It is the ability to make daily choices in all aspects of our life.

curvedtvrt_1413x1258 (1) - Copy

And while we have freedom of speech, religion, expression, or press etc.. the real freedom that we crave is more lifestyle driven.

Being there for our children to see them grow up, have time to play with them, guide them, to talk to them or share same hobbies.

Being able to invest in ourselves, in keeping fit, travelling, meeting with friends and spending more time with friends and family. Simply having more time for our passions.

Well, especially when you start having children and family, you realise how precious time is. That the most valuable thing is time on which you cannot put a price tag on.

Time is a luxury and once’s gone, it is irreplaceable.


A priceless lifestyle for me is not material, it is not the things money can buy, but time away from the office and cubicle, deadlines and nuisance colleagues, but time with my family, being able to invest in my kids’ future, having more influence over my kids, and being a part of their lives and greater purpose.

When you start thinking about creating an online business, a digital lifestyle, the main reason is not to have freedom for yourself, it is not only about the money. It is about creating a lifestyle or earning more, working less and enjoying life.

But to truly achieve this, means taking full responsibility for freedom of choice. And that has to be in place before the money comes. The money is a necessary tool living in society, but freedom starts with simple principles to get your mind right so you can truly achieve this concept.

And that kind of freedom is not for everyone. Not everyone is prepared to take a responsibility for making choices and taking decision. It is much more comfortable to execute somebody else’s decisions, trade time for money in other words, than to take responsibility and accountability.

Well, that’s our choice. Our privilege.


What about you? Are you ready to take that responsibility? Do you really want more freedom, more time and money and are you ready to commit to it?

Responsibility for freedom of choice is your decision. Make sure it’s a wise and your own one.

Stanislava Hale



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True Calling or Any Career

The way to hear your true calling is to listen to your heart.

When you listen your heart, you will change your life.


Start listening what is it that warms up your heart, what your heart truly desires and where your passion is.

If you are able to become good at something you hate doing, imagine how good you can become at something you truly like and you could be happy for the rest of your life. In theory, you’ll never work again.

Many people work on careers they don’t even like. Stay in jobs that they never wanted to be at first place. They think it is enough to be satisfied because they have a job, get the monthly salary, they belong somewhere where they are told what to do and don’t have to think for themselves. They just execute daily routines and get paid. They never attempt to listen to their true calling in their hearts, taste the real passion and freedom. Too scared to take a responsibility and discipline which freedom brings with itself.

But what about your true purpose? How to know what it is?

♥What is your natural talent?

♥What is it that you really enjoy doing?

♥What is it that you can’t shut up about, can’t stop read about, write and talk about?



To know what you should be doing right now is to imagine you have only one year to live.

One year, 365 days to hear the voice of true calling, to become successful and fulfilled.

What would you choose to do?

You are maybe interested in many things, but being interested is not being passionate about. When you are interested only, you’ll never commit to it. You will start but never finish, start but never really accomplish much. But when you are passionate you’ll do anything it takes to make it great, to bring you fulfillment and happiness. You know when you are passionate because you must have it when you even think about it. You’ll suddenly know what to do, your passion dictates your head the way to it.

I think if we had only one year to live, our lives would look different. We would finally drop just any nonsense career, any grudges and unnecessary worries and just get on with our true calling, get on with the life we were meant to live.

Be passionate, listen to your heart, be yourself, hear the true calling and you’ll be free.

Stanislava Hale


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Single Mom and Entrepreneurship

Being a single mom and an entrepreneur in online business doesn’t match?


Business and motherhood don’t match? Being a single mom, a woman and trying to succeed in digital world doesn’t feel right? Do I need to be a man in skirt to be successful?

Can a vulnerable woman be ever as successful as a man? What it takes to have your own voice in this man’s digital world, to build your online business while being a single mom?


I had a need to try. Not to prove anyone right or wrong, but I had a need for self expression. I had a need to free myself from nuisance employments and bad choice of careers that were making me depressed and try on my own. I had a need to make my voice to be heard by the people, and not necessarily only single moms, that could resonate with my story, that could associate their life struggles with mine, that could find some inspiration and courage to wake up change their life.

I always had an impression that being very emotional as I am, does not belong to a business world. That as a woman and being vulnerable, emotional, chaotic or anything that femininity can bring, could be my weakness and could be damaging for any business.

Soon I found  that exactly those characteristic and qualities are strong tools for a successful business, not only an online one. 50% of population are women at the end of the day who want to be understood. Women don’t want to hear only about superheros and about how everybody else is better than them. They want to hear the truth, be able to freely speak the truth, they wanna feel normal even when today they don’t feel the best, but tired emotionally. Even if today they feel like curling up and crying just because, because of being a woman, no other reason, blame the cycle and the hormones that we can’t fully control or understand at times. They want to hear that it is OK not to feel your happiest today even though there’s no real reason for it.

And they want to hear, that despite being a single mom, you can start your own business and succeed. That it is really OK to be a mom to three, four… kids and still dream about independence, career and freedom.

For me it felt strange to start taking layers off at the beginnings and expose my real face. I felt like I was admitting my vulnerability that I was trying so hard to disguise. Talking about my intimate life, my weaknesses, my children, failed marriage, bad choice of careers and so on… wasn’t something I felt immediately comfortable with. But I over passed it. I decided to stay focused on my mission and that I was to help and inspire. And with this main thought I started to write more, learn more, do more, this focus became my fuel. Even my emotion and weaknesses followed and turned into fuel in building my online business.

We all feel vulnerable at times. We all feel under pressure and want to be accepted and understood. It is OK to admit you could do with help, that you are not a superwoman who is doing everything right. And it is OK to have a desire to start your own business and change your life regardless of your age or family status.

I am proud to be emotional cyclic woman, it makes me unique. My personality is my trade mark and I am going to make the most of it. There is certainly nothing wrong with bringing emotions into business and I actually very much hope the emotions are felt strongly in my work. Until I feel every emotion there is I know I am alive and I use them to guide me in my life instead of trying to suppress them.

Being a single mom, I still decided to build my own online business. And I’ll use my every feminine tool to be of value to others, of help and to be successful too.


Stanislava Hale



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