Freedom with Laptop Lifestyle


In the world where everybody has got a laptop and almost everywhere you go you find an internet connection, living a laptop lifestyle would seem like an obvious choice, right?

Why wouldn’t anyone want to have

Freedom with Laptop Lifestyle?

Freedom with Laptop Lifestyle

Almost everybody is computer literate or if not really, there are online courses now for less than a dime to learn and get set up. But for many people is the fear that holds them back.

Fear of being free and  independent. Knowing that FREEDOM carries huge amount of responsibility. They rather sacrifice their day to commuting to work and sitting in the traffic, mindless meetings often discussing not a lot, countless coffee breaks, hours gossiping with their colleagues and generally not producing much apart from excuses for being late and inventing more excuses for eligible sick days. However, people still hold on to jobs that they hate for years. And instead of working out what would they really like to do, they only keep changing one employer for another, doing again the same, just under different roof and maybe a few extra bugs. Frankly, they have years of experience of doing next to nothing, or having a passive existence.

Could it be the fear of not knowing where and how to start on your own the key?

Sincerely, I had this question myself. What am I good at? I thought I was good at nothing. Or just being hardly average at anything. I thought one needs to be an expert to start his/her own business for others want to buy from them or trade with them. Probably yes, but often we underestimate our qualities and talents. We should stop putting ourselves constantly down. Having had a few employers I know what damage bad managements can do to people, what bad tactics they use to keep people at bay and in control and it is something that will stay coded in our confidence and esteem unless we work on our mindset.

Before I went solo as an entrepreneur I did a lot of work on myself, on my mindset, trying to recognise what habits I needed to change, what new habits to acquire and what to try delete altogether in order to improve myself and manage all the hurdles as a newcomer. And once I started working on it, I started noticing a change. New ideas and possibilities started unfolding in front of me and fear, every kind of fear, was being replaced with new opportunities. It was then when I re-discovered my likes and passions. It was only then when I started noticing opportunities rather than see problems and every difficulty was rather a challenge. Combined with finding perfect online training platforms and courses gave me a perfect idea on how to start my business venture.


And it is when I started living my real Freedom with LAPTOP LIFESTYLE. Perfect name for my ideal kind of job. Working in freedom of time and place. No need for an office, no need for any colleagues, no need for a boss, no need to wait for allocated holiday, no need to wait for my pay day. My colleagues I call the people I choose to cooperate with me, my mentors and team of support that I choose. Boss? Who’s the boss? I am!, I am my own boss. And because I love myself, so I will treat myself nice, I promise :-D. Holidays? Well, do I need to wait for someone to approve it for me or still feel guilty for leaving a mass of workload for my colleagues to cover? Hell no. And pay? Since my job is a commission based and all automatic, system working 24/7/365, I get paid anytime, sometimes at night while asleep and not just a minimum pay for maximum effort.

Yes, Freedom with Laptop Lifestyle is my answer, perfectly fitting with my idea of my lifestyle. Giving me FREEDOM of self-expression, creation, place of work, financial freedom, and just simply FREEDOM.


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