Single Mom and Entrepreneurship

Being a single mom and an entrepreneur in online business doesn’t match?


Business and motherhood don’t match? Being a single mom, a woman and trying to succeed in digital world doesn’t feel right? Do I need to be a man in skirt to be successful?

Can a vulnerable woman be ever as successful as a man? What it takes to have your own voice in this man’s digital world, to build your online business while being a single mom?


I had a need to try. Not to prove anyone right or wrong, but I had a need for self expression. I had a need to free myself from nuisance employments and bad choice of careers that were making me depressed and try on my own. I had a need to make my voice to be heard by the people, and not necessarily only single moms, that could resonate with my story, that could associate their life struggles with mine, that could find some inspiration and courage to wake up change their life.

I always had an impression that being very emotional as I am, does not belong to a business world. That as a woman and being vulnerable, emotional, chaotic or anything that femininity can bring, could be my weakness and could be damaging for any business.

Soon I found  that exactly those characteristic and qualities are strong tools for a successful business, not only an online one. 50% of population are women at the end of the day who want to be understood. Women don’t want to hear only about superheros and about how everybody else is better than them. They want to hear the truth, be able to freely speak the truth, they wanna feel normal even when today they don’t feel the best, but tired emotionally. Even if today they feel like curling up and crying just because, because of being a woman, no other reason, blame the cycle and the hormones that we can’t fully control or understand at times. They want to hear that it is OK not to feel your happiest today even though there’s no real reason for it.

And they want to hear, that despite being a single mom, you can start your own business and succeed. That it is really OK to be a mom to three, four… kids and still dream about independence, career and freedom.

For me it felt strange to start taking layers off at the beginnings and expose my real face. I felt like I was admitting my vulnerability that I was trying so hard to disguise. Talking about my intimate life, my weaknesses, my children, failed marriage, bad choice of careers and so on… wasn’t something I felt immediately comfortable with. But I over passed it. I decided to stay focused on my mission and that I was to help and inspire. And with this main thought I started to write more, learn more, do more, this focus became my fuel. Even my emotion and weaknesses followed and turned into fuel in building my online business.

We all feel vulnerable at times. We all feel under pressure and want to be accepted and understood. It is OK to admit you could do with help, that you are not a superwoman who is doing everything right. And it is OK to have a desire to start your own business and change your life regardless of your age or family status.

I am proud to be emotional cyclic woman, it makes me unique. My personality is my trade mark and I am going to make the most of it. There is certainly nothing wrong with bringing emotions into business and I actually very much hope the emotions are felt strongly in my work. Until I feel every emotion there is I know I am alive and I use them to guide me in my life instead of trying to suppress them.

Being a single mom, I still decided to build my own online business. And I’ll use my every feminine tool to be of value to others, of help and to be successful too.


Stanislava Hale



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