True Calling or Any Career

The way to hear your true calling is to listen to your heart.

When you listen your heart, you will change your life.


Start listening what is it that warms up your heart, what your heart truly desires and where your passion is.

If you are able to become good at something you hate doing, imagine how good you can become at something you truly like and you could be happy for the rest of your life. In theory, you’ll never work again.

Many people work on careers they don’t even like. Stay in jobs that they never wanted to be at first place. They think it is enough to be satisfied because they have a job, get the monthly salary, they belong somewhere where they are told what to do and don’t have to think for themselves. They just execute daily routines and get paid. They never attempt to listen to their true calling in their hearts, taste the real passion and freedom. Too scared to take a responsibility and discipline which freedom brings with itself.

But what about your true purpose? How to know what it is?

♥What is your natural talent?

♥What is it that you really enjoy doing?

♥What is it that you can’t shut up about, can’t stop read about, write and talk about?



To know what you should be doing right now is to imagine you have only one year to live.

One year, 365 days to hear the voice of true calling, to become successful and fulfilled.

What would you choose to do?

You are maybe interested in many things, but being interested is not being passionate about. When you are interested only, you’ll never commit to it. You will start but never finish, start but never really accomplish much. But when you are passionate you’ll do anything it takes to make it great, to bring you fulfillment and happiness. You know when you are passionate because you must have it when you even think about it. You’ll suddenly know what to do, your passion dictates your head the way to it.

I think if we had only one year to live, our lives would look different. We would finally drop just any nonsense career, any grudges and unnecessary worries and just get on with our true calling, get on with the life we were meant to live.

Be passionate, listen to your heart, be yourself, hear the true calling and you’ll be free.

Stanislava Hale


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